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Product Strategy

Which products are missing from your portfolio? Who is your target group and what do they want? How can new products strengthen and further develop your brand? What lends your brand high recognition value and gives all the products a homogeneous appearance?
With you, we analyse your products and the competing ones, and work out a holistic strategy for new developments.

Product Design

Today, the success of a product depends decisively on its design. Based on your requirements and the technical and ergonomic general conditions we develop new concepts for you. For this, we think laterally and outside the box, and achieve synergy effects through our work in many different product areas. The results are aesthetically appealing products which contrast from the competition and promise long-lasting success.

CAD Engineering

We will set up CAD surfaces for you in Autodesk Alias and produce, if desired, together with our partners, design and tool data in PTC Creo or CATIA. We can also handle all other common CAD data formats.

CAD Visualisation

Based on photo-realistic CAD renderings or films, we can represent various design, colour and equipment variants or explain technical details and functional principles – even before prototypes or standard parts are available.

Product Interface

We look after the operation of your products, develop control concepts and flowcharts and design an appealing, ergonomic and intuitive user interface – from hardware buttons to the screen design.


In order to be able to assess a draft design as to its aesthetic quality, ergonomics and function, we produce for you, in the different project phases, adapted to the respective requirements, volume models, design models and functional models using the most modern processes, together with our partners.

Packaging Design

Even the best product will not sell if the customer does not notice or understand it in the shop. Product and packaging come from the same source, so that the product strategy can be continuously pursued up to the POS. The right packaging concept for each product – packaging that presents, explains and stage-manages.

Implementation Support

So that the basic idea of the design, the essence of the product, is not lost on the way to serial production, we provide you with product design from the initial idea to the tool. We accompany and look after your product, come to agreement on any possible alterations during implementation with you and your partners and clarify details on the road to serial production.